Diagnose I.A : Optimized medical guidance

Optimized medical guidance!

Diagnose I.A. is a revolutionary app that uses AI to offer preliminary medical opinions and guide you to the solution most suitable for your medical situation.

Our main goal is to improve your care by providing a first evaluation of your health status and to alleviate the pressure on emergency services.

Now available on Android, iOS version coming soon!

Diagnose-IA:  l'orientation médicale et soins optimisés

Diagnose I.A. is a major innovation in the healthcare sector, improving patient orientation and alleviating the burden on emergency services.


The app saves you valuable time by providing a preliminary medical opinion quickly, without having to travel or wait long hours in the emergency room.

Efficient triage

By directing patients to the right person or the right department, the application contributes to optimizing the organization of health services and reducing the overload in emergency departments.


Diagnose-ia.com est disponible 24/7, permettant ainsi aux utilisateurs d’accéder à un avis médical à tout moment, où qu’ils se trouvent.


Users’ personal and medical information is handled with utmost confidentiality and is only shared with the relevant healthcare professionals.


By swiftly detecting health issues, the app encourages patients to take necessary steps to prevent potential complications.

Diagnose I.A.: Optimized medical guidance and care.

AI Assistant

Diagnose I.A. compiles your symptoms and analyses them to provide the most appropriate direction for your case.

Diagnose I.A. facilitates access to care, but does not replace a doctor.

Consult a healthcare professional for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.